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The Care Magazine is the long-awaited publication for families struggling with the minefield of decisions needing to be made once loved ones enter the time of needing care.


The Care Magazine not only provide families with invaluable guidance and information on where their needs can be met, but also unbiased, informative features and interviews from others with experience of the same situations.

There appears to be a misconception from other care-based magazines that the audience is the person needing help and support, but in reality it is more likely the sons, daughters, friends or relatives of the person needing help that will benefit the most.

The team behind The Care Magazine have worked within the care sector as well as the mobility, legal, health and even leisure industries.  Our insight is what makes The Care Magazine an invaluable source for anyone who has needed to provide care for another.

The Mill at St Catherine's
CPR training British Heart Foundation
ABL Central Lancs at Healey Nab, Chorley
The U-Night Group

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