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The Care Magazine become Dementia Friends

Dementia Friends

The Care Magazine joined the over two million-strong community of dementia friends after attending a session in Chorley.


Alzheimer’s Society’s Services Manager Kathleen Storton hosted the informative Dementia Friends session, the first of its kind in the town.

Kathleen said: “These sessions unite members of the community to help people living with dementia.

“It could be from just wearing a Dementia Friends badge and being more patient with people, to even getting confident and passionate enough to run a session yourself.”

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The Alzheimer’s Society set up the Dementia Friends initiative in 2013.  It adopted a model successfully developed in Japan over the last 15 years, following the country’s increased incidence of dementia.  The initiative reached the milestone of two million Dementia Friends in June 2017; its new target is four million members by 2020.

The events use an inclusive approach to teach the key messages of the Dementia Friends initiative.  This highlights how people’s perceptions of dementia can be different and demonstrates difficulties that people living with dementia can face.

Alzheimer’s Society helped set up a Dementia Action Alliance following on from the information session.  Local residents and organisations will work to create a plan on how to make Chorley a recognised dementia-friendly community.

Kathleen said: “There are certain things you need to do to become an officially recognised dementia-friendly community, but essentially it’s only a dementia-friendly community if someone with dementia feels that it is.”

The group will work alongside local businesses and authorities to help raise the awareness and understanding of dementia.  Other parts of Lancashire have recently formed similar Action Alliances

People are encouraged to get involved with their own local Dementia Action Alliance and be part of the nationwide campaign to create more dementia-friendly communities – you can find more information at


For more information about becoming a Dementia Friend please go to


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