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CPR training: Helping to create a nation of lifesavers with the British Heart Foundation

CPR training by the British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation’s (BHF’s) community CPR training came to South Ribble Tennis Centre in Bamber Bridge this October, and The Care Magazine took the opportunity to go along.


The BHF’s Debra Day hosted the two-hour training course.  She said: “It’s a fabulous thing to learn; we hope that more people will get involved.”

“The British Heart Foundation are on a mission to create a nation of lifesavers; we are rolling the CPR out into the communities to encourage people to learn the potentially life-saving skill,” said Debra.

CPR training British Heart Foundation
Image: Mark Tattersall

“The more people we train, the more lives we can potentially save.”

The well-attended course covered adult and child CPR, the recovery position and defibrillator use.  Debra expressed the importance of the life-saving skill by sharing her own experiences of using her training.  The UK could save almost 5,000 more lives every year,  according to the BHF, if the training was taught in schools across the nation.

Local historian and journalist Heather Crook was one of those attending CPR training for the first time.  She said: “I thought it was great, because you realise things like how hard you have to push down on the chest as well as learning the proper procedures you have to go through.  I’d feel more confident being able to do it now.”

Heather attended the training with sister-in-law Vicky Crook, who said: “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, to be honest.  Now I feel confident that, if anything happened, I’d be able to help.  I’d recommend the course to anyone.”


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