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Love Lytham? Get involved in the £5 million Love Lowther project…

Love Lowther Pavilion Lytham

The Love Lowther project was launched in 2015 to renovate the Pavilion and its surrounding Gardens.  The Care Magazine spoke to Pavilion manager Iain Orr for an update on the campaign…


The Lowther Pavilion is a key part of Lytham’s rich heritage.  It was originally built within Lowther Gardens in 1921, and has hosted many notable acts and productions in its near-hundred-year history.

With the centenary year fast approaching, the £5 million Love Lowther campaign was launched to refurbish and renovate the Pavilion.  An upstairs restaurant space will be added, and a new studio theatre, education centre and butterfly house will be built in the idyllic surroundings.

Iain Orr, manager at the Pavilion, told The Care Magazine: “It’s a very exciting time for Lowther.  We’ve spent the last couple of years really discovering what Lowther is and what we want it to be.”

“We’re trying to create a centre for the community as opposed to just being a theatre,” he said.

Renovations are already underway, with the roof and seating being replaced since ownership of the Lowther was deferred to the charitable trust from the council.  The Pavilion also now boasts a new cinema system to show weekend blockbusters and screen retrospective cinema in the daytime.

Love Lowther Pavilion Lytham
Plans for the renovated Lowther Pavilion (

Manager Iain said: “All the money we’ve raised so far have been donations by the public, local businesses, local community groups and through fundraisers like our 500 club, which is a monthly lottery,” explained Iain.

“The Friends of Lowther volunteer group – whose sole intention is fundraising for Lowther – saved us around £60,000 in volunteering hours alone.  We couldn’t do it without the continued help of the community.”

The Love Lowther project also aims to make use of local materials for the renovations to reflect and complement its environment.  The addition of the new buildings and amenities will serve to thank the community which has been so supportive of the project, which will allow the Pavilion to thrive for locals and visitors alike for another 100 years.


You can read more about what Lytham has to offer in our guide.


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