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ABL Central Lancs at Healey Nab, Chorley

The Care Magazine’s taste of Nordic walking up Healey Nab, Chorley, was organised by A Better Life (ABL) Central Lancs, a community-funded organisation that works in partnership with Lancashire County Council.


ABL Central Lancs aims to get people active through offering a variety of services, classes and events that are tailored to the abilities of the individual.

Sarah Lever, Project Lead at ABL, said: “We are a community service, so what we offer is free for anyone who wants to access it.

“We deliver a family weight management service; targeted community weight management; and also offer targeted physical activity and exercise on referral, which includes a three-month free pass to the gym, dependant on meeting criteria,” explained Sarah.

They also offer early intervention and prevention services; they take blood pressure and BMI readings at various community events to raise awareness on the benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle.


Hitting your peaks


The Healey Nab walk was part of their Chorley Twin Peaks Challenge, which took place during the annual ABL Health Week in September.

ABL Nordic Walking Chorley
ABL’s Sarah tries out Nordic Walking (Image: Mark Tattersall)

ABL’s Lisa Murray, who organised the event, said: “People can think exercise and activities are not really for them, but they forget about the enjoyment of things like walking with a group.

“It’s convenient, it’s fun, it’s free, but also you get the social element and the fresh air,” said Lisa.

“You’re chatting while you’re doing it and people tend to forget they are being active.  [The Healey Nab walk] was 6.5km, so we’ve more or less done our recommended 10 thousand steps in under two hours in the morning.”


Bespoke benefits


Lisa’s role at ABL includes running weight management sessions and helping people to tailor their exercise to fit with existing medical conditions or lifestyle changes.

Lisa said: “If people have medical conditions and are unsure of what exercises and activities are suitable for them, they come to me for an assessment first and I’ll advise them on what activities would suit them.

“We tailor activities to people to make it easier for all abilities, so we encourage everyone to give us a ring, have a chat with us and, even if we don’t have something for you, we’ll signpost you to other activities through our links with other community groups,” explained Lisa.

“ABL is open to anyone, and we’re expanding our services so we can help more people live a healthy, active lifestyle.”


You can learn more about what ABL Central Lancs have to offer here


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